How to activate a g2a code on steam?

How do I activate a G2A code on Steam?

Follow these instructions to activate a new retail purchase on Steam:

  • launch the Steam Client software and log in to your Steam account.
  • Click on the Games menu.
  • Choose Activate a product on Steam.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.
  • How do I add steam wallet to 711?

  • Step 1: Create a Coins.PH account. Step 2: Cash instantly at 7-Eleven.
  • Step 2: Cash instantly at 7-Eleven. Step 3: Tap on “Game credits” and tap on “Steam Wallet”
  • Step 3: Tap “Game Credits” and tap “Steam Wallet” Step 4: Enter the amount and your mobile number.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount and your mobile number.
  • Can I use GCash for Steam?

    Visit Steam Wallet Xquareshop, for store reviews you can check them here. Choose the amount you want to buy or which coupon you want to buy P2200, P1000, P800, P500, P250. Tap on E-Wallet and select GCash as the payment method and enter your email address, it will be used to receive your Steam wallet codes.

    Can you use charge for steam?

    We’ve all been there, but now you can buy steam wallet codes using balloon upload or smart upload. Yes, using your globe or smart upload, you can purchase wallet codes. It’s now easier and faster to buy that game you’ve always wanted, including in-game skins and cosmetics!

    How do I use GCash to pay Steam?

    How do I buy directly from Steam using GCash?

  • First, you need to click on the sidebar and go to Account Details.
  • You need to add a payment method, just enter your GCASH MC details.
  • Once linked, it will appear here and make a test transaction.
  • Once linked, you can add funds to your Steam wallet using that payment method.
  • How much is steam card 50$ in Naira?

    Jan 04, 2018 Depending on the exchange rate, a $50 iTunes gift card should go for 360 for $50 equivalent to 18,000 naira, which is good money here.

    What can I use the steam card to buy?

    A Steam Card is a gift card that can be redeemed through Steam for credit. Credit from Steam Cards can be used to purchase games, downloadable content, and in-game content. Physical Steam Cards generally come in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100.

    How do I buy Bitcoin with Steam Card?

    How can I buy Bitcoin with Steam wallet gift card?

  • Create an account with Paxful.
  • Check your account.
  • Go to “Buy BitCoin” and find the Steam Wallet Gift Card.
  • Open an exchange with the provider and complete the terms.
  • receive bitcoins directly to your PAPULT wallet.
  • How to activate a g2a code on steam?

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