How much does golden pumpkin sell for in Stardew Valley?

How much does the golden pumpkin sell for in Stardarew Valley?

golden pumpkin
Spirit’s Eve Artifact Treve
Season: DROP
Healing Effect: INDible
Sale price: 2,500g

Can you get a golden pumpkin every year?

The main attraction of Spirit’s Eve is the haunted maze, where, every year, you can find a golden pumpkin.

Is the golden pumpkin a good gift?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that the golden gourd is useful for in Stardarew Valley. It’s a universally loved gift, so it can be given to any villager in Pelican Town. It’s also worth 2,500 gold if the player wishes to sell it, but the most unique way to use the golden pumpkin is when crafting clothing.

What can you get from a golden pumpkin?


  • The Golden Pumpkin is a rare special event crate that contains items from various blueprint series.
  • Golden Pumpkin ’19 Includes elements from the following series: Accelerator, Speed ​​and Triumph.
  • Golden Pumpkin ’18 Includes items from the following series: Nitro, Turbo, and Player Choice.

What does the golden scythe Stardew do?

The golden scythe is a tool obtained in the quarry mine. If used to harvest hay from grass, it can produce more hay than regular scythe. A regular scythe provides a 50% chance per swipe versus 75% with a golden scythe. Deals more damage when used as a weapon.

How do you duplicate the valley of the Golden Pumpkin Stardarw?

To do the duplication:

  • has a complete inventory.
  • Open the golden pumpkin chest.
  • drop the golden pumpkin on the ground.
  • Close the menu.
  • Repeat 2. Up to 4. Enough times.
  • Open the golden pumpkin chest.
  • drop the golden pumpkin on the ground.
  • Clear a spot in your inventory to collect the golden pumpkins.
  • Can you get multiple Gold Stardarew Pumpkins?

    You can get it every year. Yes. And you can also get it outside the event.

    How do you solve the maze in Stardarew Valley?

    Towards the end of the maze, in the northwest corner of the map, the player must walk through a hedge block to the left of a wooden sign with a question mark on it. Once through, the player must go north through an open cavern and continue east to reach the golden pumpkin.

    How do you get a golden pumpkin?

    If you are looking to get the GOLDINE pumpkins for FREE in Rocket League, you simply need to play 20 online matches. Players can participate in these challenges a total of five times in order to unlock five golden pumpkins.

    Can you get more than 5 golden pumpkins?

    The event challenge to unlock a golden pumpkin in Rocket League is: Play 20 online matches. This challenge is repeatable up to five times, so you can get a total of five golden pumpkins during the Hallows Haunted event.

    Can you place the golden pumpkin in the stardarew seed maker?

    Golden gourds must be able to take over the seed with the seed maker.

    Does the grass die in the Stardarw winter valley?

    winter. All the grass will die, and it will disappear overnight. The new grass will not grow until the winter is over.

    Can you talk to Linus during EVE spirits?

    How do you talk to the assistant and the linus during the festival? However, during the festival, the player can only see that he and Linus are on the cliff and appear to be unreachable.

    Are they Linus and Wizard’s friends?

    The assistant and Linus have a connection that we don’t know about. We only see them standing next to each other, looking at the cliff, pointing at who enters the maze. When someone wants to go into the maze, the wizard sends Linus to do his job, which is to drag someone into the house near the cauldron.

    What is Spirit Eve in Stardarew Valley?

    Spirit’s Eve is a festival in the town of Pelican, where the town acknowledges the spirits within the town and prepares for the winter season. It is identical to the “Halloween” celebration in real life. This festival starts at 10:00 pm on the 27th of the fall.

    Do rarecrows work as scarecrows?

    Rarecrows work the same way as regular scarecrows, except for the alien scarecrow, in which you can place hats. The day after collecting all 8 Rarecrows, a letter will arrive with the recipe to create a fancy scarecrow. 800.

    Can you win the Valley of Egg Hunt Stardarw?

    During the egg hunt, you have 51 seconds to search through the city for randomly placed eggs. The character who finds the most eggs is awarded a prize of a straw hat. You can only win the Straw Hat once. Hunting.

    Stardarw Valley Fair • Spirit’s Eve
    Winter Ice Festival • WinterStar Party

    How do you get good luck in Stardarew Valley?

    There are several sources of luck: daily luck determined by the game, buffs gained from eating certain foods and drinks, a special charm that gives you a small permanent luck boost, and the lucky ring.

    Can you date while married to Stardarw Valley?

    Yes, you can date someone while you are married. If that person is the same gender as his spouse, when he gives that person a gift, his spouse will become jealous.

    What do you do on an unlucky day Stardarew?

    Just spend time tending to your crops or process some animal products. Go find or crack some geisms. Luck affects things like getting the treasure when you fish, not the actual fish, so it’s always an option.

    How much does golden pumpkin sell for in Stardew Valley?

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