How is the sandbox unlocked in BTD6?

How do you unlock Sandbox in BTD6?

In BTD6, the player can unlock sandbox mode for a specific map on a difficulty after beating it for the first time on that difficulty, unless they are playing on normal, in which the player also has to beat the opposite Mode for that track to access Sandbox mode.

Is there a sandbox mode in BTD battles?

Sandbox mode is available to club members in the battle school menu.

How do you unlock hitable in BTD6?

Unlocks after beating alternate bloon rounds for the specific track. On this difficulty, players start with 1 life, and all items that are capable of producing extra lives will not grant extra lives, including Mana Shield. Towers and upgrades are 20% higher than normal.

Where is the sandbox mode in BTD5?

To play in Sandbox mode on any track, simply select a track and choose ‘Sandbox’. It should be below the options for easy, medium, and hard difficulties, along with apocalypse mode and deflation mode.

How do you get tower XP in BTD6?

XP for towers in BTD6 is calculated as follows. Each round has a set amount of XP it gives, regardless of bloons spawned. At the end of the round, this XP is added to your account and divided among the towers you have placed relative to the amount of money spent on each tower.

How do I get a vengeful solíbulo god?

The vengeful monkey avatar can only be summoned by having sacrifices maxed out on both the Level 4 temple and the true Sun God, so it will always be a variation of 2/2/2/1 as it is impossible to have a level temple. 4 to the maximum in all categories.

How do you get reverse medals in BTD5?

When a player completes a track in reverse, they earn a green reverse medal for that track. Reverse mode cannot be in daily challenges (BTD5 only) or special missions (also BTD5 only). In BTD5, players don’t get extra monkey money for completing a track in reverse, only the reverse medal is rewarded and nothing else.

What are the four medals in Bloons TD 5?

Bloons TD 5

  • BRONZE: Pass round 50 on easy difficulty on any track for the first time.
  • Silver: Beat round 65 on medium difficulty on any track for the first time.
  • Gold: Beat round 85 on Hard difficulty on any track for the first time.
  • Black: Beat round 85 on Impossible difficulty on any track for the first time.

What are alternate bloon rounds?

Bloon Alternate Rounds is a mode in BTD6. Players start at round 3, like hard mode. Bloon rounds are not the same as standard rounds, but instead there is a completely unique set of rounds. Stronger types of bloons appear in rounds earlier than normal, making the difficulty more challenging.

What is the fourth badge in BTD6?

For BTD6, the 4th Medal is for Unpopible, which is a subsection of Hardmode.

How is the sandbox unlocked in BTD6?

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