How is the eighth gym unlocked in Pokemon Emerald?

How do you unlock the 8th gym in Pokemon Emerald?

Kick the Aquas out of the Caerna Seabed on Route 128, go to the Origin Cave in Sootopolis City and talk to Wallace Inside, go to Rayquaza in the Sky Pilarar and send IIT to Sootopolis City, and watch Everything. the show. After talking to Maxie and Archie, and they run away, the gym will be accessible.

Can I catch Rayquaza before the 8th gym?

Can I catch Rayquaza before the 8th gym? No, you can only catch Rayquaza after he has beaten the 7th gym and gone to Sootopolis and completed the event with Kyogre/Groudon.

Where do I go after Sootopolis Gym Emerald?

After defeating the gym leader to get there, use HM07 to teach waterfall to one of your Pokémon, then go south of Mossdeep City, east of Route 128, and then use the waterfall to climb up. You will arrive in the city of Forever Big, where you will find the entrance to Victory Road.

Where do I go after beating the 7th gym in Emerald?

City of Sootopolis

What do I do after Mossdeep Gym Emerald?

If you are playing emerald then you need to go to the space center and defeat Team Magma then talk to Steven after you get the HM08 dive. Now that you can use diving outside of battle, you may want to explore the underwater parts of Route 124 to find all the hidden items there.

What do you do after beating the 7th gym in Pokemon Ruby?

You are supposed to surf south of Mossdeep until you hit a trench. Dive there and keep going until you reach a cave, the cavern in the seabed. Go there and defeat the team members and you’re back on track.

Where is the last gym in Pokemon Emerald?


How do you beat the gym leader in Sootopolis emerald?

After obtaining the Magma emblem and defeating TOCH AQUA and MAGMA, you must go to the city of Sootopolis. He then went to the Sky Pillar, near the town of the Pacificlog (Rt. 31), and woke up Rayquaza. Then head back to Sootopolis, and there you have it!

How do you beat the gym leader in Sootopolis?

Your best tactic is to get them down to 25% or so using moves. He knows the damage rate and then hits it with his heaviest blow to Ko The Pokemon. Kit – The last Pokemon you fight for this gym battle is a pain fight.

Where is the underwater cave in Emerald?

The Seafloor Cavern (Japanese:? Seafloor Cavern) is a location in Hoenn, deep in the water of Route 128. After surviving inside the cave, there is a maze of tunnels to the deepest part, where the super-ancient Pokémon resides. To reach it, the player must use surf and dive.

Where does the Aqua team go after stealing the submarine?

Guest Responded: You go left onto the path, as you reach the town of Mossdeep on the Ultimill. You then fight the gym leaders. Talk to Stephan at his house to get the TM to dive.

What to do after Groudon wakes up in Ruby?

After waking up Groudon, he has to fly to SlatePort. At the ferry place, in front is the teacher. STERN. She talks to him and then she will interview those guys.

Where is the Aqua team underwater in Pokemon Emerald?

Go a little further south to get to Route 128 which means almost there. Go a bit straight to see a shallow patch of water you can land on. Snorkel in the water of water to see a cave. Go inside to find the submarine that Team Aqua stole.

How do you get out of the town of Lilycove?

Follow these steps to get rid of Wailmer:

  • You have to beat the Maxie of the team Magma.
  • You have to go to SlatePort City and talk to Capt. Stern. Witness Archie stealing the submarine.
  • Go to Lilycove City and go to the cave. The guards blocking the cave will be gone. Beat Team Aqua Admin and watch Archie Escape. Then voila!
  • How do I get into the cave in Lilycove town?

    Team M/A M/A’s Hideout – Quite a puzzle and then go east from Lilycove town, and you’ll soon reach the beach. Navigate north from there, and you’ll find a cave, which happens to be the M/A team’s hideout. A member will come out to fight you after walking around for a bit. Enter the entrance, and you will see two white circles.

    What do you do after Lilycove City?

    When you’re done exploring Lilycove, head back to Route 121 and go halfway along the route, then go south to Route 122. There are no items or trainers on Route 122, so just cruise south through the Route until you reach Mt. Pyre in the southeast.

    What do I do after the city of SlatePort?

  • In the southwestern part of town, there’s a market where you can get items if you know the secret power, so be sure to head back when that move comes around.
  • Pokémon Fan Club.
  • HABIT Contest.
  • Give Devon’s parts to Captain Stern.
  • Ocean Museum.
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  • continue.
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