How do you win Mirror Mode?

How do you gain mirror mode?


  • In Double Dash!!, players unlock mirror mode by successfully completing the 150CC Cup course.
  • On DS, players unlock mirror mode (known as “mirror 150cc”) by getting 1st place in the 150cc lightning cup.
  • On Wii, players unlock mirror mode by earning gold trophies in all 150cc cups.
  • What does mirror mode do in Mario Kart?

    Mirror Mode is a mode in Mario Kart 8 that flips all tracks from left to right.

    Is a mirror mode faster than 150cc Mario Kart Wii?

    The good news is that the speed remains at 150 CC, so it’s not as challenging as it could be. Even so, 150cc is very difficult, and reacting to inverted corners and mirror mode starts with the high speed of this category of engine is very difficult to master.

    How do you unlock baby Daisy in Mario Kart?


  • Choose single player mode.
  • Click on Grand Prix.
  • Click on the 50cc race.
  • Select your character and your kart.
  • Complete the entire Wii Grand Prix. This includes the mushroom, the flower, the star and the special cup, and achieving a ranking of at least one star in each of these.
  • After completing this you will have unlocked Baby Daisy!
  • How do you unlock everything in Mario Super Sluggers?

    unlockable fields

  • Bowser Jr. Arcade: Beat Bowser Jr. in this arena in challenge mode.
  • Bowser’s Castle – Beat Bowser in challenge mode.
  • DAISY CRUISER – Buy the cruise pass from the store in Peach’s Ice Garden.
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Buy Luigi’s flashlight from the store in Mario Stadium.
  • How do you get red yoshi in Mario Super Sluggers?

    After defeating a yellow shy guy (above), use Wario to open the chest to grab the paint brush. Now go back to the first area, then jump down the pipe to the right and return it to the red yhi to add it to his team.

    What is the best Mario Super Sluggers team?

    The best team in the game

    • MARIO-SS.
    • LUIGI- 2ND.
    • Dark bones: 1st.
    • Petey Piranha – C.
    • Hammer Bro- cf.

    • boomerang bro-rf.
    • bro-lf.
    • Peach- 3RD.

    Where are the stone tablets in Mario Super Sluggers?

    You have to go to the entrance/exit through the barrel barrel. At the exit there should be a sign that reads “Exit” go to the back and press “A” to get that tablet.

    How do you win Mirror Mode?

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