How do you unlock the dragon kingdom crusher?

How do you unlock the Dragon Realm grinder?

In R46+, to unlock the dragon faction, players will have to dig up the dragon egg and raise it into a greater dragon. Each item below can be unlocked in separate game sets, and they only need to be purchased once in the entire game. You can abdicate and reincarnate during the 12 hour wait of the 4 stages.

How do you unlock the Mercenary realm grinder?

Unlock Mercenaries: Do this when you have enough gems to provide ~100 or more digs. The suggested faction to do this is TIPS with at least 1 NO (1E30) GEMS, and have them Save Files earlier in case you want to start starting and getting your digs back. where x is your game time stat in seconds.

How do you unlock the Reincarnation Realm grinder?

Reincarnation can only be performed for the first time when the user reaches 1 OC gems (1E27). Each subsequent reincarnation costs 1,000 times more gems. When reincarnation becomes available, «? » Button in the Upgrades panel (to the right of the abdication button) changes to a «Reincarnation» button.

How do you unlock more factions in the Realm grinder?

Vanilla factions appear by default, but the others must be unlocked first. Once unlocked, they will stay unlocked across all soft resets. In order to affiliate with a faction, you must first choose your alignment by purchasing your trial.

How do you unlock the Titan faction realm grinder?

2nd hint required to unlock the Titan faction. Unlocks the Titan faction, and the neutrality test. Collect all 3 quest artifacts from any neutral faction. To reach 300 halls of legends: play any faction that has good production.

How do you unlock a faceless kingdom grinder?

Faceless Research Requirements can be done in different game sets. To gain access to faceless research, you will need the secrets from the Elders upgrade. This upgrade will appear when you have both unique neutral buildings and the lost city artifact key.

How do you unlock the Realm Druid grinder?

Fossilized Bark Piece 2 unlocks the Druid faction. Collect all 3 quest artifacts from any neutral faction.

How do you play as dwarves in the Realm grinder?

Dwarves and drow spawn “on top” of one of the vanilla factions (Fairy, Elf, Angel, Goblin, Demon, and Undead), so once you’ve completed the quest, you can play as dwarves for 1). Any good faction 2) Get all vanilla faction upgrades 3) Buy underworld diplomacy to start producing dwarf and drow.

What is the real mill point?

About the Grinder Realm The Grinder puts you in the role of a good or evil monarch, managing production and politics to create a large, powerful, and most importantly, rich kingdom.

How do I unlock the Mollinder Realm research?

Research are upgrades that you first need to unlock. Research is expensive and will be painful to acquire before reaching at least ~1 TVG gems (1E72). Until then, play as usual. Try to keep the digs reasonable, you will need FCS later to level up the research facilities.

How do I unlock the Prestige Research Realm grinder?

to unlock prestige research:

  • Discover the Earth’s core artifact with any faction and collect enough gems to be able to buy the secrets of the underworld (100 qisxg (1e200) coins and 10 m (1E7) FCS)
  • when ready, play a vanilla faction (good faction for dwarf, bad for drow).
  • What are investigators in the Grinder Realm?

    Enter the research facilities to improve your grinding potential. There you will be able to advance your research progress, unlock and purchase special upgrades that will greatly increase all of your abilities. Your research points at each branch are limited by the number of reincarnations you have.

    How do you reincarnate in the Realm grinder?

    When can reincarnate in the Realm grinder?

    How do you unlock the dragon kingdom crusher?

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