How do you permanently change NPC clothes in Skyrim?

How do you permanently change NPC clothes in Skyrim?

Open the NPC you want to wear the outfit. 8. Go to the Inventory tab and change the default outfit to the new outfit with the new tier lists.

How to force followers to wear armor in Skyrim?

Just open the console, click on your follower, then use the command “SETAV SABREARMORMOR 1-100 VALVE” or “SetAV LightArmor 1-100 Value” to the desired value that you think is balanced for the level of the game you’re on. .

Why doesn’t Lydia wear armor?

Lydia has a default armor set that she can’t see in her inventory (unless she’s dead). She will only use things that are better than what she currently has. She tries to give him something better than steel (top armor rating). Then you will see her put it on.

Can Serana wear heavy armor?

Serana is capable of wearing light and heavy armor, but the armor must be an upgrade over her default gear for her to equip it. Since the appearance of her, I guess she is already equipped with the female version of the Royal Vampire Armor. She will also equip enchanted rings, amulets, circlets, and some weapons.

Can Serana wear the daedric armor?

Serena does not equip the Daedric armor | fandom. She will equip the gloves and boots, but not the actual chest piece.

Can Serana Serana as a follower?

Can you die Will it be as a follower? – QUORA. No, it is essential to the Dawnguard story and remains essential after its completion. She gets progressively weaker when she maxes out at 50 and for some she won’t even drink the vial of blood, she can loot after taking on her father.

Is Serana essential after DawnGuard?

10 Serana is always essential, regardless of whether the player ends the Dawnguard pin line, Serana will always be considered an essential character, and as such cannot be killed by any means.

What happens if Serana makes me a vampire?

If you allow SERANA to make you a Vampire Lord, you can enter without being harmed. The non-vampiric alternative is to allow Serana to perform a ritual partial soul trap on you. This will weaken him within the Cairn soul, but he will still be human and alive.

is the dragonborn pureblood vampire?

The question was if the Dragonborn was a pure blood vampire. The answer was no. The end.

Can Teldryn sero die?

He can more than handle himself against enemies that are his level or only a few levels, but what I find interesting is that even against enemies that are level much higher than him, he still doesn’t. he seems to die.

Is Lydia a good Skyrim wife?

Lydia. Lydia is a better follower, so you’re better off marrying me in the comfort of a portable tent/lover. If she doesn’t intend for any of them to follow her, then she doesn’t really care.

How do you permanently change NPC clothes in Skyrim?

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