How do you make a secret base in Pokemon Diamond?

How do you make a secret base in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Secret Bases can be created in the Subway after receiving an Excavator Drill from the Elder in Eternal City. Then you can trade spheres for more digging drills in the SINNOH Underground.

How do you understand the spheres in Pokemon Platinum?

All you need to do is go below and bury the sphere you received (or whatever sphere you have) in the ground. All you need to do is this a piece of open ground in the underground, which are quite abundant, to put it on. When you open its menu, you will find the Sphere option.

What do platinum spheres do?

Spheres can be used to purchase many things that a player will need to decorate their secret base, as well as traps that can be set throughout the underground.

Can you get Fossil Pokemon in Platinum?

In diamond/pearl, you can only get one of the fossils (ie CRANIDOS in one game, Shieldon in another). I believe in Platinum, you can get both, but one is really very rare. It is correct EXEPT that in Platinum you get one if your numbers OT even and the other if it’s weird.

How do you get rid of the big rocks in the secret base?

The only way to remove the rocks is to level your flag; The only way to level your flag is to steal from another player.

How do you get a skull fossil in Pokemon Platinum?

Normally, you should go below and use the Eterna City Explorer toolset to dig. If your ID is weird, you can get a Skull Fossil, and if your ID is even, you can get a Fossil Armor.

How do you dig for treasure in Pokemon Platinum?

To find spheres, tap on the touch screen until you see sparkles on the wall. Even to the parts and press A. Then use your hammer and pickaxe to dig up the items by tapping on the touch screen. To find areas with items, run to where the top screen has yellow flashes.

What do I do with the spheres in Pokemon Diamond?

Spheres can be used to purchase many things that a player will need to decorate their secret base, as well as traps that can be set throughout the underground. Hikers standing on some of the subway corners will offer to trade these items for spheres.

How do you get the shards underground in Pokemon Platinum?


  • Hierborys Fire – Exchange Star Pieces for 1 of each shard with the man near the smelter. User information: Kraleck.
  • Underground and Great Marsh, which gives you a day. User Information: Zeldamaster96.
  • sometimes on the subway.
  • There is no easy way.
  • You can find a shard every day from the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.
  • How do you get past the flower trap in Pokemon Platinum?

    Back in the game, hover your mouse over the bottom screen and click this hotkey to blow up the trap.

    How do you get out of the fire trap in Pokemon Diamond?

    Fire traps create a fire on the screen, which must be blown out using the DS microphone. The fire will return to full size if the blowing stops before they get out. After it has been removed, the player can move again.

    How do you revive fossils in Pokemon Platinum?

    The Oreburgh Mining Museum is a large one-story museum that contains many visual displays as well as facts about coal and the Oreburgh mine. There is also a man at the front desk who will revive fossils at the party for free. Unlike some other museums, admission to the Oreburgh Mining Museum is free.

    Where do I use the explorer kit in Pokemon Platinum?

    The scout kit can be used anywhere in the Sinnoh region, except inside buildings and other structures, to instantly access the subway. The player also cannot dig through elevated structures, such as bridges.

    How do you get the excavator drill in Pokemon Platinum?

    A player first obtains one from a man in the city of Eternal. It is located in the house next to the Pokémon Center. It can then be obtained by trading with vendors underground. After using the excavator drill, you will have a new, empty base, but the old one is destroyed.

    Where can I buy an explorer kit?


    • Go 2 Eternal City.
    • It’s the building to the right from the Pokemon Center in Eternal City.
    • You can get the scout kit from the elder in the house next to the Poke Center in Eterna City.
    • Go to Eterna City and go to the underground man’s house which is dropped directly from the Poke Center.
    • in Eternal City.

    How is the scout kit used in Pokemon?

    It is used to access the underground. The player is given the kit by the underground man in the city of Eterna, once you achieve it at that point in the game. You can use the scout kit by going into the menu and into your bag and selecting key items.

    How do I get an excavator drill?

    To use the burrowing drill, one must walk to and look at a wall area that is intended to become the entrance to their secret base, and select the burrowing drill from the trap menu. When using it, the player loses the Digging Drill, but as stated above, more can be purchased.

    Where is the fossil armor in Pokemon Platinum?

    by mining in the SINNOH Underground. The Armor Fossil can only be obtained at this location if its Trainer ID ends with an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8). If it ends in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), you can only find the Skull Fossil.

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