How do you get the fake swipe in Pokemon Emerald?

How do you get a fake hit in Pokemon Emerald?

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  • For the emerald version, I only saw SCECTILE have false slippage on LV. 59 because I trained him.
  • FIREMASTER5 replied: “TM54 False Swipe can be purchased from the Veilstone Dept Store on Floor 3 credit to Wiki”
  • TM54 False Swipe can be purchased from Veilstone Dept Shop on Floor 3 credit to Wiki.
  • At what level do you learn fake zangoose?

    moves learned by level UP

    LV. Move
    fake swipe Normal
    33 Dark
    40 X-scissor Bug

    where do you get fake hit on fiery red?

    accepted the answer. False Swipe, for the most part, can only be obtained through leveling or replaying in Gen III games. It is not a TM move, unlike later generations. Several Pokémon can also have it if it is purified in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, and then listed in generation III.

    Which Pokemon can learn False Swipe Fire Red?

    Level Certain Pokémon and they will learn fake Slide automatically. For example, FARFETTY will learn it at level 46, Cubone at 33, Scyther at 16, Scize at 16, NONE at 25, and Zangoose at 55.

    Which POKEMON can learn false slip and hypnosis?


    Where is Scyther in Fire Red?


    Tall grass or cave
    Safari Zone Area 1, EUES 1% L28 1% L28
    Safari Zone Area 2, North
    Medium Safari Zone 4% L23 4% L23

    is Porygon Good Fire Red?

    Be able to learn lightning, ice beam, and psychic, as well as a wide variety of moves. So he can really fill any spot on your team if he has a hole in him. As well as lock-on cannon combos. Porygon has a base 80 special attack and base 75 special defense which makes him a good asset in tank hunting.

    Does PoryGon-Z Mega Evolve?

    This item simulates the mega evolution process in PoryGon-Z and uses the same energy. This ability changes Mega PoryGon-Z’s type at the end of each turn, and all normal-type moves will change to that type as well.


    PORIYGON-Z becomes a faster and more powerful special Attcker than PORYGON2 at the price of a little volume and not reaching the coveted base 100 SPEED level. This last point really hurts PoryGon-Z, as there are plenty of threats at that speed level that the infected Cyberduck can easily take out.

    How good is PoryGon Z’s tri-attack?

    Tri-Attack PoryGon-Z is the best Normal-type attacker in the game. However, due to the fact that normal-type damage is never super effective, this utility rarely surfaces. Even with a partly cloudy weather bonus, PoryGon-Z will still fall behind most Pokemon that deal super effective damage to a RAID boss.

    Can you breed PORYGON Z?

    Yes, like all genderless Pokémon besides Legendaries, Porygon, Porygon2, and Porygonz can be bred with a ditto, because the evolution is in the mineral group, therefore it can reproduce.

    How do you get the fake swipe in Pokemon Emerald?

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