How do you get Keldeo in Pokemon Black 2?

How do you get Keldeo in Pokemon Black 2?


  • If you have the English game, there is an event until February 12. So see you later get Keldeo via Wireless. User information: DANB218. DANB218 – 8 years ago 0 0.
  • right now at the USAIT is a Pokemon on WiFi event. Go to gift then WiFi via Nintendo event then search for gifts and upload. User information: TIDASF10.
  • How strong is Keldeo?

    At 129, KELDEO has the highest base Special Attack Season of all the Water-type Pokémon available in OU; This and its excellent speed clearly makes it clearly the best Pokemon for the job.

    What is Keldeo’s weakness?


    How much HP does Keldeo have?

    base stats


    hp 91 386
    Sp.ATK 129 392
    SP. DEF 90 306
    108 346
    TOTAL 580 MAX

    What is the best item for Keldeo?

    Leftovers is the best item as it allows Keldeo to set in geltient without being worn down as easily and gives the pony the ability to try sweeping multiple times. However, Life Orb is nice for the energy boost that allows the hydro pump to turn into whatever it is hitting on Mr. Manos.

    What item does Keldeo use?

    His signature fighting-type move, secret sword, plays into Keldeo’s strange nature. He uses KELDEO’s special attack, but hits the opponent based on his physical defense. This allows Keldeo to punish fragile Pokemon like any other fighting-type while he’s still staying true to his other typing, water.

    Is Keldeo a special attack?

    KELDEO’s solid attack and speed special attack allows it to function as a solid balance breaker at the OU level. Keldeo also lacks powerful coverage options and is forced to rely on weaker moves like Hidden Power and Chill Wind.

    What is the best Moveset for Keldeo?

    The best moves for Keldeo (Resolute) are a low kick and hydro bomb when attacking Pokemon in gyms. This move combo has the highest total DPS and is also the best move for PVP battles.

    How do you get Keldeo’s secret sword?

    Secret Sword is Keldeo’s signature Fighting-type move introduced in Gen V. This move can be learned through tutoring when the rest of the Swords of Justice are also found in the player’s party and the player visit an old man Man in the icirrus moor. However, he is weaker than his holy sword counterpart.

    How do you learn 2 SECRET SPAIN OF KELDEO 2?

    The secret sword is a special attack that deals physical damage. This means that it uses the user’s special attack stat to deal damage to the target’s defense stat. Can only be taught to Keldeo. To teach it, take Keldeo to the small area in the forest north of the town of Floccesy and investigate the Riven Mountain.

    What is the secret sword?

    Secret Sword deals damage. Despite being a special move, Secret Sword uses the target’s defense instead of its special defense to calculate damage. The secret sword is still a special move. Uses the user’s special attack to calculate damage.

    How does Keldeo get black and white?

    You must have the Pokédex and no more than 11 Wonder Cards in your possession, or else you will not be able to receive Keldeo. Since then, all you have to do is give a mystery gift, followed by receiving a gift. Select ‘Get via Wireless’, you will see Keldeo appear.

    How do you get genesct in Pokemon Black 2?

    To get a geneect of your own, all you need to do is purchase a copy of Black 2 or White 2 during the dates listed above. Once you’ve done that, connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and in no time, Genesect will be on its way to your game cart.

    How do you get Keldeo in Pokemon Black 1?

    You can only get a Keldeo from the event (already approved) or by trading it through GTS or with a friend. You can also get it with AR or hacks.

    Where is the strange house in black 2?


    How do you get Keldeo in Pokemon Black 2?

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