How do you get a box of stamps in Pokemon heart of gold?

How do you get a case in Pokemon Heart Gold?

First get the Squirtbottle protector after beating the gym in Goldenrod City right next to the gym is a flower shop and you get it from her. Then go to Route 36 where the Sodowoodo is and fight.

How do you get ball capsules in Pokemon Platinum?

Ball capsules can be accessed from PC. There are twelve slots to be saved, and their appearance can be altered by adding seals to their exteriors, which are used to create a variety of special effects. Most of the stamps can be purchased at the Sunyshore Market in Sunyshore City.

What is a ball capsule in Pokemon?

A Ball Capsule is a special item introduced in Generation IV that can be attached to A. Pokémon. Poké Ball to add special effects when the Pokémon is sent in a. battle.

How do you get ball capsules in Soul Silver?


  • Seals–Olivine City. After you have received the stamp case to cure the MILTANK at the Moomoo farm on Route 38, you can go to a house in Olivine where this girl will give you three different stamps every day. (
  • You make the capsules using stamps.
  • First of all, you need the stamp box because stamps make capsules.
  • How do you put Pokeballs in Pokemon? Diamond?

    The balls are tools that he uses to catch wild Pokémon. More become available for purchase as you beat more gym leaders. A possible reward from the Pokémon News Press in Solacon. The more they become in a battle. The catch rate gets.

    Can you customize PokeBalls?

    is able to customize its Pokéman Balls by adding stamps in which the effect of the Pokéball changes when it is released: Select the second option and you will be given a choice of twelve Pokéballs. This is the amount of designs you are able to store.

    Where do you get the case in Soul Silver?

    West of Ecrutak City and North And North of Olivine City, you will come across Moomoo Farms. In the barn, there is a sick Miltank in the center stall. . You need to give him 7 oran berries to heal him. Then one of the girls next to him will give him the seal case.

    What Pokeball does Turtwig have?

    The Poké Ball that has Turtwig in Turtwig in it. You have to check before choosing.

    What Pokeball is Piplup in Platinum?

    Player Piplup

    when detected Before Diamond / Pearl / Platinum
    when you get diamond/pearl/platinum
    if you get Verity Lake, SINNOH (Diamond/Pearl) Route 201, Sinnoh (Platinum)
    poke ball poke ball

    Buy diamond fastballs?

    You can get them in Snowpoint City. And in the elite four.

    How do you get a box of stamps in Pokemon heart of gold?

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