How can I recover my Blizzard account without identification?

How can I recover my Blizzard account without ID?

You can contact Blizzard through Ticket for help in recovering your accounts. Click the “I don’t know my Blizzard account email” link on that page. You will then need to provide identification to prove your identity as the owner of the accounts.

How do I get my old WOW account?

You can try to login through the main WOW site, but you will be redirected to the login page. Enter the email address and password associated with your old account. If you have not merged your WOW account to a account, you will be prompted to create a new account.

How do I find my Battlenet ID?

You can find your Battletag ID code in Account Management (Account Summary page > or in the DIABLO III client when viewing your character’s profile. You can also send Battletag Friend Requests by clicking Right clicking on the right button on a single player’s Battletag in the Diablo III game interface.

Can you hide your friends list on Battlenet?

You can change the privacy settings in the main BNet account of the website. Uncheck the option to suggest friends. That should keep you from being on suggestion lists.

How do I turn off Real ID on Battlenet?

2 Answers

  • Click on the Blizzard icon.
  • Click Account Management.
  • On the new page, click on the Settings menu and then communication preferences.
  • Uncheck Enable Real ID.
  • There may be requests warning you about how real id friends can be removed.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • How many friends can you have in the battle network?

    200 friends

    How do I get rid of the real Blizzard ID?

    How can I remove a Real ID friend from my list? Simply right-click on your real ID name and select Remove Friend. That player will no longer be on your Real ID friends list, and they will no longer be in your country.

    Can people see my real Battlenet name?

    As the game uses Blizzard’s platform, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 makes use of the “Real ID ID” feature that allows you to display your real name alongside your in-game username.

    What happens when you delete a friend from Battle Net?

    If you don’t want them on your list, just remove them from your list. They won’t be explicitly notified, but removing a friend removes that connection on both sides. If they’re specifically looking for it on their list afterward, it won’t be there anymore, so they’ll know you removed them at that point.

    How do I add friends on Battlenet?

    Chat with friends in the Battle.Net® Desktop app

  • Chat with friends. Open a chat window on your desktop.
  • send and accept friend requests. Click the Add Friend button and enter your friend’s Battletag or email address to send them a friend request, or use the list of new people you may know.
  • Add favorite friends.
  • Why can’t I add friends on Battlenet?

    You can only receive friend requests if your Blizzard account is set up correctly. If you are new to our games and have recently created your account: Make sure you have registered your full name on your account details page and a secret question on your security page.

    What is the Blizzard app?

    In September 2017, Blizzard Entertainment released the app for Android and iOS. The app provides simple social networking features with a user’s friends on, including accepting and sending friend invites and chatting with friends.

    How can I recover my Blizzard account without identification?

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