How can I get free G Coins in PUBG mobile?

How can I get the free coins in PUBG MOBILE?

How to get free AG coin in PUBG MOBILE?

  • Use the energy drink in the oasis: 1 time.
  • Use Molotov cocktails in the ruins: 1 time.
  • Kill an enemy while driving the Golden Mirado Open-Top car in Miramar – 1 time.
  • jumped ramp while driving any vehicle in Miramar: 3 times.
  • Make a midget with the new Win94: 1 time.
  • How can I redeem PUBG G Coins?

    Earnings can be redeemed under the Redeem Rewards section at the bottom. You can exchange Battle Coins for packs, equipment, skins, and bonus vouchers. The section also displays results and rankings, as well as a help section that provides full details of the bonus challenge.

    How do you get unlimited Battle Coins in Pubg Mobile?

    Following are the ways you can in unlimited PUBG Battle Coins legitimately.

  • Play&Win. The easiest and most of this way to earn coins in the game is to play matches.
  • Sign in every day. PUBG also offers a login bonus to all players.
  • Complete missions.
  • Login using social networks.
  • Ask your friends.
  • How do I turn my UC into cash?

    Exchange Rate by .Conversation table (with the most recent exchange rate)

    ) INR [Rupia india]

    UC [Moneda de YoUlive]
    0.1 Coin you live = 0.004027 Indian Rupee
    1 Coin youlive = 0.040274 Indian Rupee

    How can I get UC in PUBG for free?

    Step to Get Free UC from Flipkart Coins:-

  • Open the Flipkart app open.
  • Go to Flipkart Plus Reward Store.
  • Pick and buy PUBG MOBILE 660UC worth Rs.799 Pack in 650 coins.
  • You will get a PUBG UC redemption coupon.
  • Now open this link.
  • Click Redeem the coupon option.
  • Enter your PUBG Player ID and paste your copied gift voucher code.
  • How can I buy UC in PUBG KR?

    Follow the steps below to buy UC in PUBG mobile Korean version:

  • #1 Open PUBG MOBILE KR version and log in your account.
  • #2 Click on the UC icon located on the right side of the screen.
  • #3 Choose the amount of UC desired and complete the payment through the card. (
  • #4 Wait a few seconds for the transaction to complete.
  • How can I get UC in PUBG INDIA?

    Put in your PUBG Mobile Player ID on the account you want to UC on. Select Razer Gold Option in the payment method. Select UC Pack in this case Pavan selected 6000UC + 2000UC to get 8000UC. Select the amount you put into the Razer Gold account.

    Can I send UC to my friend in Pubg Mobile?

    No. You cannot transfer UC in PUBG MOBILE. In addition, you can give away some items, such as shirts, etc. to your friends.


    How can I get free G Coins in PUBG mobile?

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