How can I disable Plater friendly nameplates?

How do I turn off template friendly nameplates?

In the Advanced tab, there are two options to completely hide Castbars for enemies or friendly units. Those options are controlled by details! Use / Details > Plater Nameplates. In the General Settings tab, you can disable or enable the run range indicator.

How do I convert combat enemy dog ​​tags?

If you enabled the “ALWAYS Show” option while out of combat, it won’t turn them on automatically. Enabling the option simply prevents any future auto-on/off portions of the “Show” option, so after enabling it, you need to press Ctrl+V again (or whatever limits you) to turn nameplates on. .

How do I disable default RAID boxes?

How do I remove the default Blizzard RAID frames?

  • goes into a RAID GRP.
  • RAID GAIR is hidden in the middle of the left side of your screen.
  • Press Hide. wowinterface.
  • What is the shaded county?

    Version: v4.3.5. By: Shadowed, Nevcairiel. Suf focuses on simple setup while maintaining the flexibility most users will care about, preventing unnecessary plugin bloat that sacrifices performance.

    How can I hide my Blizzard Micro Bars?

    Go to the Bartenders settings (right click on the icon). Go to the bar you want to hide, go to visibility and click ALWAYS hide. You can also change the bar scale to be smaller if you want.

    Is there a camera mode in BDO?

    Contrary to most BDO games it not only has a basic screenshot function (press the “Print Screen” button), but it has a fully fledged “Photo Mode”. It allows you to change the perspective, height and angle of the camera and even viewing distance and focus for an image.

    How do I get into BDO camera mode?

  • Shift + Down/Up Arrow Keys. Camera zoom in / out.
  • Shift + left / right. Camera tilt.
  • CTRL + DOWN / UP. The depth of field resistance must first be enabled through the display settings.
  • CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT. Depth of field area.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT. Look at the camera toggle.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT. Bullet point.
  • OR.
  • Can you sit in the black desert?

    Sitting and leaning. Black Desert Online offers some interesting idling features that fit into role-playing usage. To have your character lean against a wall, position your character with their back to the wall. Your character can also sit.

    Can you dance in Black Desert Online?

    Can you imagine? We can dance together! Of course, it is a very interesting and fun thing in the black desert online. Some solo dance animation or partner dance animation added to the game will be a new feature in socializing.

    How can I disable Plater friendly nameplates?

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