How can I delete a target account?

How do I delete a destination account?

There is no way to delete Bungie profiles. With that, he said that you can link a Tonoway account to his profile, then divert the good accounts from him. Now, if anyone inspects this profile, all they’ll see is an account with no Destiny game information.

How can I reset my Destiny 2 account?

There is no hard reset button. You can delete characters and empty your vault (note that you can’t delete all characters at once and they need 1 active characters on an active account), but your account will always have game history which will affect gameplay.

How do I link my target account to 2?

First, you need to log in to (via any account for the specific platform you play on) to launch the link platforms. That could include your PSN account, Xbox Live account,, Steam account, and Google Stadia account. After logging in, go to the cross save area of ​​your profile to get started.

How can I reset my world progress?

Unfortunately, the only way to reset is to buy a new copy of the game and start the game. Although the game will be free so you can:

  • pay 40 dollars.
  • Wait for it to be on sale and pay $20.
  • Wait even more for the game to be free and pay 0 dollars.
  • How can I reset my crew progress?

    In crew, your progress is not saved locally, but server side, and save files are not available. For this reason, it is not possible to delete SAVE files to completely reset your progression. With that being said, you are able to replay any quest you have come across during your playthrough.

    Can you restore your salvation from the world?

    The Item Reset feature is a feature in Fortnite: Save the World that allows you to reset Heroes, Schematics, and Survivors to Tier 1, giving you the resources you invested in them.

    How do I get started on fortnite?

    Well, in this case restarting the game is very simple. On Android, simply swipe up the classic three-button bar, hit the recent button (square icon), and close the app, usually by pressing the x key or scrolling up on its box.

    What do I do if I do if I lost all my skin in Fortnite?

    What do I do if I do if my skins are gone in Fortnite?

  • Contact epic games support. Go to the epic store site. Sign in to your epic account.
  • Upgrade to a full EPIC games account. Go to the Epic Games website and make sure it is signed. Click Sign in.
  • Link your account to epic games. Go to the Epic Games website.
  • Why is Fortnite gone?

    After Epic Games picked a fight with Apple over the hefty share of fees the company takes on transactions in its mobile ecosystem, it looks like developer Fortnite will wage a war on two fronts.

    How do I check my account level in Fortnite Chapter 2?

    You can see Current Account Level in the CAREER section.

    What is the highest level in Fortnite 2020?

    Similarly, levels are earned by playing the game, completing challenges, and obtaining certain levels. The highest level the player can reach is 100. Therefore, the highest ranked level in Fortnite is 100. The maximum level in Fortnite is level 100, but you can also reach Level 100 in battle.

    What is the maximum level in season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2?


    What level is Groot Silver?

    Level 115

    How much XP does a Punch card give?

    Each hit on a card generates 14,000 XP, allowing a player to gradually max out their battle step and earn the reward items. Some of these punch cards are easy to unlock. However, for other cards, players will need to grind throughout the season.

    How much XP does it take to reach level 100?

    You need 8 million XP to enter level 100 for the season.

    How can I delete a target account?

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