How can I connect my tp-link wifi extender to my router without WPS?

How do I connect my TP-Link WiFi extender to my router without WPS?

Set up the TP-Link Extender without WPS button first, plug the TP-LINK Extender into a wall outlet, and connect it with your PC via Ethernet cable. Now open your browser and visit Here, select Quick Settings > Region and then click Next.

How can I know if the TP LINK extender is working?

The signal lights will give you the exact information if you have successfully set up your range extender. Once the range extender has been connected to the router, the signal light will be solid “ON” (regardless of what color it is or how many signal bars there are).

How do I find my TP Link WiFi password?

Please go to Wireless Security Page -> Wireless Security Page, and check what you have selected. If it is WEP, its password is usually key 1. If it is WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK, its password should be PSK password. If you have changed the password, click the Save button.

How can I change the TP Link administrator password?

Click Administration > Access Control > Passwords. Choose your user account, enter the old password, then fill in a new password and confirm it. Click Save / Apply. Go to Advanced > System Tools > Administration, enter the old password, enter the new password, and enter again to confirm.

Does the WiFi extender have the same password?

If used in Wi-Fi range extender mode, no, the extender must use the same password as the router. However, if you use RE450 Access Point Mode (in this mode, the Re450 connects to the router via Ethernet cable), you can set a separate password and SSID.

What is the default IP address for TP-LINK?

Normally, the default IP address of your TP-Link router is or Although if your network administrator has changed it before, you can refer to the following methods to find the TP-Link router IP address according to your operation system.

How do I set up a TP-Link account?

Step 1: Open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari), and search for ‘’. Step 2: Click ‘Sign Up’. *Note: The ‘Sign Up’ button is grayed out by default, it will only be clickable after checking the box to TP-Link’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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