Funimation Now: What is it and how to watch anime on it

FunimationNow (also known as Funimation Now) is an online video streaming service focused exclusively on dubbed and subtitled anime series published by Funimation.

What is FunimationNow?

Funimation is one of the foremost anime distribution companies in North America and has been around since the beginning of the anime boom in 1994. The company is responsible for the domestic release of popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail and produces both subtitled and dubbed versions of properties.

The streaming service is available both through a free and paid subscription model and its content can be viewed both from the official website of Funimation as through one of the applications of Funimation Now.

Subbed is a phrase used to describe movies or television series that include the original language audio with Subtitle translated, while dubbed refers to a release that has had all the audio re-recorded in another language.

Funimation Now was announced in 2016. It follows a business model almost identical to that of other streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, in which users register and can stream video-on-demand content from smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, video game, smart TVs and computers.

Is FunimationNow free?

FunimationNow anime streaming service has four membership plans with different benefits for users in the United States and Canada.

  • Gratuitous: You can stream content with video ads.
  • Premium: You can stream content without ads. Supports up to two devices. It costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.
  • PremiumPlus: You can stream and download ad-free content on up to five devices. It costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.
  • Premium Plus Ultra: It costs $99 per year and offers all the benefits of the Premium Plus subscription, plus an annual gift, two pay-per-view rentals per year, and free shipping on Funimation Shop merchandise.

Outside of North America, Funimation Now only offers the Free and Premium subscription options. Premium membership in these regions is the equivalent of the North American Premium Plus tier.

Where is Funimation Now available?

Funimation Now is available to residents of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

How to sign up for Funimation Now?

You can sign up for Funimation Now streaming services from any of the official apps or from the Funimation website. The process is quite simple and is similar to registering for other online services.

This is how it looks inscription on Funimation Now from the website from Funimation.

  1. Open the official Funimation website in your preferred web browser, such as Edge, Chrome, Brave or Firefox.
  2. Selectiona Start my free trial .
  3. On the next page, if you want to sign up for a paid plan without ads, select Start My Free Trial. If you just want a free ad-supported membership, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Sign Up For A Free Account.
  4. Enter your email address and password in the preferred fields and select Continue. You can also choose to sign in with Facebook if you wish.

    The option of Facebook is notorious for its bugs, so you may need to use your email and password to sign in and then link your Facebook account after your Facebook account has been created. Funimation Now.

  5. Your FunimationNow account will have been created and you can immediately start watching anime on the website or sign in to one of the Funimation Now apps to view the content on another device.

What Funimation anime is on FunimationNow?

Funimation Now has a wide variety of dubbed and subtitled anime series, movies, and specials that can be streamed or downloaded depending on your subscription type.

Some of the most popular anime series that can be seen are Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone. Many new series are updated with new episodes a week after they air in Japan.

Funimation Now
Funimation Now

Where can I watch FunimationNow?

Funimation Now can be viewed from any web browser on a computer or laptop and through one of its many apps.

Funimation Now apps are available on iOS, Android, Windows, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle, Xbox One, Chromecast and Samsung Smart TVs.

What Internet speed is required for FunimationNow?

If you are able to watch videos on other similar services like YouTube or Netflix without any issues, you will probably be able to watch videos on Funimation Now.

As a general rule, an Internet speed of at least 2500kbps (2.5mbps) to watch 720p video, while 4000kbps (4mbps) is suggested for HD video quality of 1080p.

If you choose to download anime through the app, your internet speed will not affect the video quality at all, however, the time it takes to download the corresponding files could vary greatly.

Is the Funimation app worth it?

Funimation Now is worth a look for fans of Funimation anime series, but it is important to note that not all major anime series and movies are on this platform.

Anime published by other companies, such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Naruto, cannot be viewed on Funimation Now. If you want to watch them, you’ll need to stream them through Hulu, Crunchyroll, or Netflix, or buy them directly from a digital store like iTunes or the Microsoft Store.

Alternatives to FunimationNow

There are several anime streaming services available to consumers right now, the largest being Crunchyroll. This service also has a free viewing option on top of your paid membership and offers an absolutely massive selection of anime across a number of genres.

Another quality option for anime fans is Netflix, which has the exclusive broadcast rights to various anime series and even produces its own English versions. Those looking for classic and modern American cartoons should take a look at DC Universe and Disney+, both with a wide variety of series and movies for children and adults to enjoy.

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