E3 2021: Dates, news, announcements, rumors and everything there is to know

E3 is an annual event sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for developers of software, manufacturers of hardware and publishers of video game. The event is something like the gaming industry’s response to CES (an annual consumer electronics event); Hundreds of exhibitors with new and upcoming products show off game demos, give presentations, and showcase the latest in video game and innovative technologies for several days.

What are the dates of the next E3?

This year’s event will be held from June 15 to 17, 2021 and is expected to take place in Los Angeles: What products will be announced?

This year, organizers plan to turn the event into a more fan-friendly program and encourage celebrity players and social media influencers to attend to expand the event beyond industry attendees.

Predictions: What products will be announced?

With the event still six months away, not much is known about the products that will be shown or launched, or which manufacturers will decide to participate. However, if the 2019 event is any indication, it’s reasonable to expect some surprises.

That year, for example, Nintendo gave the bell at the end of the fair with the announcement of the calendar of Animal Crossing and the revelation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . There are whispers that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro could be announced at this year’s event.

Sony also usually makes noise at the event, although he did not organize a conference of PlayStation at E3 2019. After two years of absence, the company is likely to provide updates on upcoming games and while it’s unlikely to make a full launch announcement, it could even release a few. teaser regarding the rumored PSVR 2. One can dream, right?

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X/S as ‘Project Scarlett’ at E3 2019; hopefully the company will take advantage of the 2021 event to further entice gamers to its platforms. Google, too, should look to shake things up for Google Stadia and YouTube Gaming, plus it’s likely amazon jump into the fray with ads related to Amazon Luna, too.

E3 2021
E3 2021

The prolific game maker is also expected to Ubisoft make a series of new game announcements, just like other smaller video game companies. So all in all, E3 2021 should be a packed event for gamers.

predictions of. for E3

Based on a variety of rumors and research papers, we predict:

  • Nintendo will announce new games and will be very coy about the next version of the Switch.
  • Sony will announce new games and be as coy about PSVR as Nintendo will be about the Switch.
  • microsoft will announce a game studio acquisition and/or game studio partnership. Could it be Ubisoft?

How to stream and watch E3

The 2021 event remains unknown. ESA has promised a virtual event like no other in response to the limitations of COVID-19 but little else is known about how the event will actually unfold. Do not lose sight of this space; We will update the details of the broadcast here as soon as they are available.

The latest news about E3 and other games

You can always get your news fix on games on Lifewire, but here are some headlines that might as well interest you

We’ll be back with more news (and some rumours) as the event unfolds; be aware!

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