Does a Minecraft server need a GPU?

Does a Minecraft server need a GPU?

Long answer: it depends. Normally a Minecraft won’t use any GPU power (like at all). Depending on which OS it will go with you, you won’t really need any graphics output at all. MC servers mostly rely on your bandwidth, RAM, and CPU, not much else.

Does a dedicated game server need a GPU?

No. As a client (server turned into a gaming platform), yes. There are very few games that require a graphics card on the server running them. For example, if you ever want to host a Pitboss civilization game, the server has to have a graphics card.

Does a Valheim server need a GPU?

Since the dedicated server application runs headless, the system itself does not need a graphics card. That means you don’t have to have a spare gaming PC to create and host your own server. However, setting up a dedicated server though, mainly due to port forwarding and other network requirements.

What hardware do you need to run a Minecraft server?


Minimum 1-2 Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and better
acceptable 3-5 Intel core-based CPUs or AMD K8-based CPUs and better
recommended 5-7 Intel core-based CPUs or AMD K8-based CPUs at 3.4GHz or higher
7-9 are based on Intel Nehalem based CPUS or AMD K10 based CPUs and better

Is 2 cores enough for minecraft server?

The server (as of 1.14) uses additional cores for other operations, but typically three cores are used. HyperThreading (HT) or Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT), i.e. a CPU providing 2 “threads” or “logical cores” for each physical core, doesn’t seem to benefit Minecraft much.

is RAM or CPU more important for a MINECRAFT server?

The CPU you use doesn’t matter as much as the RAM, but it wouldn’t be wise to get the cheapest CPU possible. For just a few gamers, a later core 2 duo or an I3 2100 would suffice, along with 2-4GB of RAM. For more (10-20) gamers you may need to start looking at a core 2 quad or a 2nd gen I5 with 4-6GB of RAM.

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