What is CQA Test App On Android?

cqa test

Before we learn about the CQA Test, what exactly does the CQA full-form? Abbreviated as Certified Quality Auditor. The main duty of this application is to maintain the performance of devices especially Android at high quality. Not just the Android devices, but also a great support in the iPhone too running in calmly and smoothly over mobile without causing any kind of malfunction.

Hence the main duty or responsibility of this application is to determine the device performance. Also, verifies the device weakness, malfunction, strengths, and many more were analyzed. Uses certain techniques to detect the problem correctly if any.

cqa test

Hence as this app guesses the issue absolutely, most of the companies consider this app and utilize it as a tool diagnosing previous and future versions of Android devices. Also, the users accept and utilize the tool to make their device perform in a smooth way. After all, making your device run in a smooth way is its ultimate motive.

A Brief note on CQA Test App! What is the Use of the CQA App?

As discussed the CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. It is compatible enough with all Android devices irrespective of its version. The main motive behind this tool is to analyze and measure the device’s performance every single time. Monitors the weakness, detects the issue, smoothens the functioning of the system or device higher says in an effective way. Anyhow the CQA certification is provided by the ASQ.

Whereas ASQ stands for American Society for Quality. Hence the CQA test app is coming with multiple-choice questions to be answered which completely focuses on the entire auditing process. Besides this, you may get doubts about how to use the CQA test App. Right? Let me explore you in simple words. Whenever you use the CQA test module, it completely takes the responsibility of performing a simple operation measuring the device status.

what is cqa test

However, accessing this app on your mobile will make your device run in a smooth and excellent way. At times, you may get doubt whether the app is safe or not. 100% secure and will never share any kind of personal details. In case, if the notice the app running as the application gallery, then next to this, you are all suggested to perform a system reboot.

What Does the CQA Test App Do?

By taking note of all the above details, it is clear that accessing the app is very much secure. It is completely a hidden app. Thus you can expect in all the Android mobiles/ Motorola devices/ any analyses the overall system operation. Not only this, but it also plays a major role in receiving information related to other various apps present in the system.

about cqa test app

If in case, you have found this hidden app running as an application gallery, then as discussed we need to perform or apply the system reboot immediately.

Fix Issues Related to CQA Test App?

Well, usually this is completely a hidden app. It means the user cannot view this application on their device. Anyhow if this app shows over the main menu, you are suggested to go through the complete details without getting fail. One more interesting point to be taken as a note is, this app always tests mobile components like microphone, loudspeaker, touch screen, torch, and many more. Sometimes, the app gets fail in measuring the overall system performance and raises some issues like the battery indicator is no more appearing on the screen.

Few of the CQA Test App Causing Bugs

Like the above says the battery indicator is not appearing on the screen, there are many more bugs that may encounter while this hidden app running in the background. Thus, however, the lists of bugs were as shown below. Let’s get into these details now.

cqatest app

  • The home button available on our device stops working.
  • The notification drawer unfortunately fails to open properly.
  • The touch response may result very slow.
  • Facing difficulty either in locking or unlocking the Mobile phones.
  • Unable to apply factory reset.
  • Google lags whenever we try to access it.
  • The reason at times may be due to the other malfunctions also.

Whatever you use either it might be the Android mobiles or Motorola, if you find some fishy or if you find this kind of issues, the only solution we have is following and applying the below technique.

How to Stop Performing CQA Test?

The whole test is generally meant to measure the overall system performance. But unfortunately, if we found some fishy or if we found the bugs like the above, then it is time to stop performing the CQA test available on our device. Hence to do the same, you are requested to follow and apply the below instructions that are shared in terms of bullet points over here.

what is cqa test app

  • Initially, you are requested to visit settings.
  • Move to the Applications and Managers option available in the form of lists.
  • Tap on it to see the lists of apps available in the simpler lists.
  • Now search for the CQA test app.
  • Once the app is found, tap on it.
  • Tap on disable button.
  • You will see a prompt window on the screen with two options. Cancel and Ok.
  • If you want to disable the app forcibly, tap on the Ok button.
  • If you are not willing to disable the app forcibly, tap on the cancel button.

Also, before you perform these steps, make sure you have done the system backup to not losing some confidential or significant files.

Other Methods to Fix the CQA Test App Bugs

Apart from the Factory Reset, there are other methods also which fixes the CQA test app issues easily and turns your overall system run in an excellent way. Thus, the fixes are as follows.

  • Perform a Clean/ Wipe the Cache Partition.
  • Perform Factory Reset
  • Boot the system in Safe mode.
  • Update the Firmware
  • Contact the Customer Service Center Now.

These are the lists of some more fixes that help you to get rid of issues/ bugs caused due to the usage of the CQA test app on your device.


The details related to the CQA test app, usage, bugs, fixes, and other information shared above are crystal clear. To learn or to get more updates, make sure you be in touch with techygun and update yourself always learning many more details that were going to be shared over here.

What is CQA Test App On Android?

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