Can you reset your AFK arena account?

Can you reset your AFK ARENA account?

Launch AFK ARENA and tap on the profile located on the top left side of the screen. Tap on the Settings option at the bottom. On the next screen, press select servers. Select a different server and hit the Confirm option to reset your progress.

Can you have 2 AFK ARENA accounts?

in AFK ARENA Rerolling just means having multiple accounts and when you reach Level 100 heroes you will see that the progress you can make without spending money will be slower and slower, having a mini account will not only give you more account Time to play Afk Arena will also give you the freedom to try new .

How do you unlock the sharing option in AFK ARENA?

You can find the Share button when you complete a library syndicate, draw heroes in the Noble Tavern, or anytime you receive a new hero.

How do I get rid of double heroes in Afk Arena?

To get rid of the heroes in Afk Arena, head to the Ranhorn tab at the bottom of your screen. Once you are in Ranhorn, locate the ‘Change Cart’. It is located on the right side towards the bottom of the city. Go ahead and press ‘Rickety Cart’ to access it.

Should I retire common AFK ARENA heroes?

Common heroes let the heroes retire in the wretched cart in exchange for hero coins and dust.

What is the maximum level of SaveAn?

160 LVL

How do you increase the maximum level in AFK ARENA?

The current highest level cap is 365 (there are 25 level up heroes and counting for future patches). You can only do this by leveling 5 heroes to 240 and then directly leveling the resonation crystal. After upgrading a hero to max level, it will add 5 more levels to the cap beyond 240.

How do I raise my AFK crystal level?

The crystal level can be leveled using the resources, simultaneously smoothing out the combat ratings and hero levels that occupy the crystal’s resonation slots.

What does the resonant crystal do in AFK ARENA?

In short, the resonant crystal is a special feature in AFK ARENA that allows you to level multiple heroes to the same level as the fifth highest level hero you have.

What does F2P mean in AFK ARENA?

Free to play player

How many copies of a hero does AFK ARENA need?

To promote a hero, you need to sacrifice other heroes. In general, to get an elite hero to the promoted level, you will need to sacrifice 28 elite heroes from the same faction, 6 of which must be copies of the hero you are promoting.

Is Isabella Buena Afk Arena?

Isabella is a damage damage hero for the serious faction. She bleeds the life from her own allies to increase her own damage. Her Void Flurry ability will always target the weakest enemy, making it great to finish off enemies.

Can you promote common heroes in Afk Arena?

Common heroes in Afk Arena are basically fodder for the beat-up wagon. They can’t be upgraded to anything and are very weak.

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