Can you get married in Oblivion Xbox 360?

Can you get married in Oblivion Xbox 360?

Now you can have a spouse in oblivion. You can marry any race or gender. To get a Mara amulet, talk to Berilus Mona in the Bravil Chapel of Mara and Bravil, it is where the wedding will take place.

Does oblivion have mods on XBOX ONE?

Skyrim was the exception as it was used as an experiment for Fallout 4. Skyrim has mods on Xbox One, Oblivion is playable on Xbox One, So .

How do you get followers into oblivion?


  • Many magical apprenticeships (after completing “confront the king”).
  • Three Dark Brotherhood assassins (after completing “Honor Your Mother”).
  • The adoring fan (after the Grand Arena Champion fight).
  • Any of the Knights of the Nine accepted to join the ranks as a Knight (after completing “Umaril the Floorled”).
  • What should I do in oblivion?

    Top 5 things to do in oblivion.

    • offers to the Daedric princes.
    • Find the village of invisible people.
    • WHODUNNIT (Dark Brotherhood Quest) – Possibly the most unique quest in all of the Elder Scrolls series.
    • Kill the blood goblin who insulted him at the beginning of the game (another quest)

    How will I join the Thieves Guild Oblivion?

    Finding the Thieves Guild Start by reading one of the wanted posters that are littered everywhere around the imperial city. Next, find a beggar and raise their disposition until they really like you. Talk to them about Gray Fox and they will tell you how they will ask if he wants to join the Thieves Guild.

    Is there romance in oblivion?

    The Elder Scrolls’s Gates of Oblivion Story Arc will continue with Blackwood, and its Companion system will set the stage for romance. The gates of Oblivion DLC Expansion will be set 800 years before the events of Old Scrolls 4: Oblivion. .

    Are there companions in oblivion?

    The Oblivion Companion system isn’t really that well done compared to Skyrim. There aren’t really many useful companions in the game, as many followers are only gained temporarily.

    Can you get married in Oblivion Xbox 360?

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