Can you choose which map to play in PUBG?

Can you choose which map to play with in PUBG?

There is currently no way to choose your PUBG map. In Player Battlegrounds, there are two maps you can play, Erangel (the original map) and Miramar (the new desert map).

Can I change the server in PUBG?

Changing a server in PUBG Mobile is a straightforward process – tap on the PUBG icon on your mobile and start the game. At the bottom of the basic settings, you will see the Select Server option. Tap on the CHANGE button and select the server you want to choose (Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.)

How do I get the indo lobby in PUBG?

  • Getting an Indian lobby even though you are from India is common for Indians. This happens when the server cannot find enough Indians for the match.
  • Maybe you are playing The game mode that mostly Indians don’t play like FPP mode.
  • and yes, the ultimate troubleshooting might be that you can turn airplane mode on and off.
  • How can I get a free room card in PUBG?

    To get the card, you have to spend 300 clan points. As its name suggests, Room Card: 1-Use is the single-use card. The card will automatically disappear from the section once you use it. This means that you can use this card to create the custom room in the PUBG MOBILE game only for one time.

    How do I gift a room card in PUBG?

    Clan Store #1:

  • Tap on the Clan tab which is present at the bottom left side of the lobby screen.
  • Tap on the Store tab which is present on the right side of the clan lobby screen.
  • Touch the room card: 1-Use.
  • Buy the custom room card for 300 clan points.
  • What is the advanced room in PUBG?

    What is an advanced custom room? Advanced custom rooms can be created if the player has an advanced custom room card. This can be acquired from: Shop > Item. By creating a room with this card, the player can choose the guns, pieces, speed of the blue zone and etc.

    How can I get UC in PUBG?

    Once you have earned a decent amount of Google Play Balance, you need to open the PUBG MOBILE app on your device and go to the in-game UC purchase section. Under ‘BUY UC’, you will be able to buy UC for the balance you have earned. Here, you need to select Google Play balance as your payment method.

    What is the price of UC in PUBG?

    420, 600 CU is Rs. 799, 1500 UC is Rs. 1,949, 3,000 UC is Rs. 3,999, and 6000 UC is Rs.

    Can you choose which map to play in PUBG?

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