Can we have free UC in PUBG?

Can we get free UC in PUBG?

Getting free UC in Pubg Mobile is quite tedious if you are not a pay to win gamer. However, you can go to the Google Opinion Rewards app to get free UC. Also, if you want an easier step, just pay for the Elite Pass and get UCS along with a variety of different rewards.

Is Modosbuy safe?

Yes! MIDASBUY is a trusted source for in-game purchases in PUBG, it is also certified by PUBG Corporation. MIDASBUY purchase is totally safe for PUBG and your PUBG account. It is legit and 100% safe.

How can I get unlimited UC in PUBG MOBILE?

Please follow below steps carefully to generate unlimited UC cash in your PUBG MOBILE account. Step 1. Go to: or download and open chrome extension Step #2. Enter your PUBG Mobile Character ID and click the ‘Continue’ button Step #3.

Can I gift UC in PUBG?

We can’t send UCS to our friends in Pubg Mobile. You can gift them outfits from the store. What you can do is, send them a play store/app store gift card and they can redeem it for credits and then buy UC for themselves.

Can we transfer UC in PUBG?

UC (Unknown Money) is a form of a credit or in-game currency in Pubg Mobile, allowing players to purchase a number of premium items such as rare skins and outfits from the PUBG store. Fortunately, users can now request or transfer UC money to any of their fellow players or friends in Pubg Mobile.

How do I convert my UC to cash?

Get our premium forecast now, starting at just $7.49! . Conversation table (with the most recent exchange rate)

UC [Moneda de YoUlive] ) INR [Rupia india]
0.01 Coin youlive = 0.000420 Indian Rupee
0.1 Coin you live = 0.004203 Indian Rupee
1 youlive Coin = 0.042025 Indian Rupee
2 you live Coin = 0.084050 Indian Rupee

What is the Price of 1 UC in PUBG?

420, 600 CU is Rs. 799, 1500 UC is Rs. 1,949, 3,000 UC is Rs. 3,999, and 6000 UC is Rs.

Can we have free UC in PUBG?

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