Can the multishot go on a minecraft bow?

Can you put multiple in a minecraft bow?

Multishot is an enchantment for transfers that allows them to fire three arrows or firework rockets at the cost of one. multishot.

charm weight two
inconsistent with Piercing

Fusion Strategy You can merge teams if you have 3 of the same type (up to legendary) and then you can merge an old legendary if you merge 3 perfect people together (like 3 weapons, rings, etc.)

What is the best armor to use in Archero?

best archer armor

dexterity vest -7% dodge makes her the best clear option -bolt damage is a decent addition
Golden Breastplate and 5% damage resistance to moderate damage -FLAME useful is a decent addition
-10% damage reduction, but only for projectiles -Freeze only applies when pressed

What is the maximum level in Archero?


What is the maximum level for talents in Archero?

Talent MAX Level

Talent / Level eleven 19 19
Block 780 1900
iron bulwark 480 1270
agile MAX MAX

What are all of Archero’s talents?


agile increases your attack speed
INSPIRE heals it when it levels up -Up healing in battle
provides an ability at the start of each game get 1 skill selection
The Patrol Earnings provide random rewards every 60 seconds (Coins, XP, Scrolls, Sapphire) Patrol profits increase

Is he the best spirit in Archero?

BAT laser

What is Archero’s strongest pet?

The Mage Scythe

Which hero is better in Archero?


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