Can PS3 controller be connected to PC via Bluetooth?

Can you connect PS3 controller to PC via Bluetooth?

2. Important step: Plug your DualShock 3 into your PC with a MINI-USB cable. Now we can start to make it work. BLUETOOTH INSTALLATION Note: If you also want to be able to use the controller wirelessly, make sure you have a bluetooth dongle plugged in or your motherboard bluetooth enabled.

How do I connect my Dualshock 3 to my computer via Bluetooth?

Plug the DualShock 3 into your PC via a MINI-USB cable. If your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth support, plug in your wireless Bluetooth dongle. Download and run SCtoolkit setup.exe. It should automatically download all the other files it needs, so follow all the prompts.

Is it possible to connect a PS3 controller to a laptop?

If you want to use a PS3 controller on your Windows laptop, it can be done. You can configure the controller to work via USB or wirelessly. To configure the controller via USB, you will need to connect the controller. When it does, Windows will recognize the driver and try to install different drivers.

Can I connect my PS3 controller to my phone?

Yes, SixAxis Controller allows you to use your wireless PS3 controllers with your Android phone or tablet, making your Galaxy or XOOM new tab an emulator paradise.

Is it worth getting a PS5 controller?

If you prefer the PlayStation style of controller, sure. It’s probably as good as the Xbox One controller for the same price. It’s actually quite similar to the Xbox One controller in how it feels in your hand. If you’re going to get a new controller anyway, it might be great to get the PS5!

Can you use PS5 controller on PS3?

The PlayStation 5 controller will work with the PS3 and even the Nintendo Switch, but not the PS4, early users have indicated. The new controller includes a variety of additional features, such as haptic vibration that allows you to “touch” the user, and a redesign to make it larger and more ergonomic.

Can PS3 controller be connected to PC via Bluetooth?

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