Can I watch Sling TV on my PlayStation 4?

Can I watch Sling TV on my PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, the PS4 doesn’t support Sling TV, a streaming service that lets you watch cable TV channels, and there don’t seem to be any future plans for Sling with the console. However, the PS4 has plenty of other streaming services that you can download and watch many of the same movies or TV shows.

Is Sling TV compatible with PS4?

Sling TV is compatible with most major devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, streaming devices, smart TVs, and more. Just remember that the service is not compatible with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo game consoles.

How can I install Sling TV on my TV?

3. Sling TV Compatible Streaming Devices

  1. Amazon FireTV.
  2. Amazon tablet.
  3. Android device.
  4. AndroidTV.
  5. AppleTV.
  6. Chrome cast.
  7. iOS device.
  8. LGTV.

Can you launch PlayStation 5?

To control your PS5 console using your Android phone and cast mobile screen to your PlayStation 5, the first tool you can use is PS Remote Play. Once you’re signed in, you can now stream Android to PS5 quickly and easily.

How do I get Sling TV on my Samsung Smart Hub?

Here’s how to install Sling TV on your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Click the Start button on your remote.
  2. Scroll right to select Applications.
  3. Select the search icon.
  4. Type “sling” using the on-screen keyboard.
  5. Select Sling TV in the search results.
  6. Select Install.
  7. Select Open.

How do I update the Sling app on my Samsung TV?


  1. From the Samsung Smart Hub, select Apps, then My Apps.
  2. Find the Sling TV app in the My Apps section.
  3. Press and hold the Select/Enter button. When a list of options appears, select Reinstall.
  4. Once the installation is complete, turn off your TV and then turn it back on. The Sling TV app will load with the latest version.

Is the sling TV app free?

As the name says, Sling Free is totally free for you. On desktop Chrome, Safari, or Edge browsers: Go to On Roku, Amazon, or Android devices: Open the Sling TV app and click “Browse Free Content.” On iOS and tvOS devices: Sling Free is under construction on iOS and tvOS devices, so check back soon.

What are the sling TV fees?

Sling TV Packages

Price Notable channels
Orange Slingshot $30 per month AMC, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, TBS
blue slingshot $30 per month United States, FX, El Rey, Viceland
Orange Slingshot + Blue Slingshot $45 per month Comedy Central, History, IFC, NFL Network

What is the difference between Sling orange and blue?

What are the channel differences between Sling Orange and Sling Blue? Sling Orange offers the Disney Channel and other Disney-owned networks such as ESPN, several ESPN subchannels, and Freeform. Although you don’t get Disney or ESPN, Blue offers an additional 11 channels.

What channels are included in sling blue?

Sling offers two packages, orange and blue, for $35 a month each, or combined for $50 a month… The following channels are included with Sling Blue:

  • A&E.
  • AMC.
  • TV AXS.
  • BBCAmerica.
  • BET.
  • Bloomberg Television.
  • Bravo.
  • Cartoon Network.

Can I watch Sling TV on my PlayStation 4?

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