Best Roblox Games That You Like to Play Now

There are various Best Roblox Games available for free. Hence before we go with the lists, you might have well-known about the gaming platform called Roblox. Right? Through this platform, people million of number can play any number of games as per their choice.

Also, people can create and upload the game over the platform facing zero issues. Apart from many, we see few games. Like even though we play it continuously will never feel bore or never like to stop. If in case you are new to the Roblox platform, thus it’s time to learn the best Roblox games which were quite challenging and interesting ones.

Best Roblox Games

Or else if you like to save your valuable time, can simply gear up and go through the below lists to pick one and play the same accordingly. Hence let’s start with the lists of best games on Roblox and take a look into each one. Because doing so will make yourself gaining some idea about the game and you will be successful in picking the best Roblox games too in a very less amount of time. So, let’s begin!!

Best Roblox Games

If you are searching for the best Roblox games, then let me tell you the Roblox games were available million in number. But picking the best one is more important. Hence to make the job easier for you, we had filtered and listed a few interesting/ challenging/ super fun-oriented games. Just make sure you take a look over the lists, go through each one and pick as per your choice now to play and make some adorable fun.

Welcome to Bloxburg

This is considered as one of the favorite and most choosable games. Here in this game, the players were allowed to design and at the same time build a beautiful house, hanging out with friends, owning vehicles, performing a role-play, exploring the Bloxburg city, and whatnot.

best roblox games 2021 with friends

They are lots more things that can be done with this game. This game may not available on private servers but can easily get by visiting the official Roblox website online. Hence in more simple words, you can call this an amazing adventurous game picked by several players at the time of choosing one from the best Roblox games.

Murder Mystery 2

The name itself determines the whole game. You mean players were asked to find out the mystery encountered behind the murder case. Say who is brilliantly running/ escaping from the murderer. Hence you are all requested to use your defective skills and then get succeed in exposing the murderer.

fun games to play on roblox 2021

This is all about the game. Also, one more point you need to take care of is your (player) is going to work with a group of people who are completely innocents. Only you the member going to find out along with the weapon. So, plan correctly and then try to catch up with the hidden murderer as soon as possible.


While there are many more interesting games, Piggy is considered a horror game. In this game, the player is the police officer who investigates the disappearance of the pig. You will see the mysterious pig and all of a sudden gets to wake up in the morning in your bedroom.

most popular roblox games 2021

You are asked to escape from the room before getting tracked down and unfortunately getting killed by such a mysterious pig. Like the same, you will continue the journey until you identify George and Doggy. Between you are going to face lots of unique characters some might be friendly and some may not.

Brookhaven RP

The Brookhaven RP is also called a role-playing game. The whole game is filled with a number of different buildings and corresponding locations which can be identified in places of the town. Like it might be either the stores/ grocery stores/ school or Church or simply it might be the playground too.

top 10 best roblox games 2021

Anyhow the needful items, vehicles, houses were going to be available for free. You will see them available as soon as the player joins the game. Overall, delivers the main focus on luxury living and can have the ability to leave the house whenever you prefer.


While getting back towards the Meepcity, it is one of the amazing towns and city games were chosen by millions of players. One can play, chat, and earn coins too. Not only this, but you can also customize your own estate. Also, one can play with millions of other players to turn the game more exciting and can make fun of.

best roblox games for boys

The servers it has are going to support around 200 players. Featured with the most popular series including lots of customizable pets, and can build your dream home perfectly. The coins you achieved while playing can be used to purchase or shop needful cosmetic items which were available on the official website.

Tower of Hell

If you are searching for the most adventurous game, thus the name of it is none other called for Tower of hell. It is actually introduced by the uwuPyxl and ObrenTune. This is the game by which players were asked to reach the top of the tower comprised of 6 sections. Thus the time slot to complete this task is given around 8 minutes only. Whoever makes it to the top, the amount of time will start getting doubled.

best roblox games to play with friends

There are no checkpoints. Hence within 8 minutes, players were asked to reach the top of the 6 sections tower. This says it is quite a challenging and adventurous game too. So, by beating a number of towers in the game, players start earning coins. These coins are what again can be spent on purchasing either mutators/ gears. Also, by crossing levels, one by one player get a chance to update the gears over the skill tree.


These are the lists of best Roblox games comprised of different categories available even today. You can pick any of the games as per your interest and play accordingly to make some exciting fun. Apart from these lists, if you like to have more, just mention them over the comment box. We will update it as soon as possible. To learn more details, visit techygun now or especially when you get free.

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