Can you choose which map to play in PUBG?

Can you choose which map to play with in PUBG? There is currently no way to choose your PUBG map. In Player Battlegrounds, there are two maps you can play, Erangel (the original map) and Miramar (the new desert map). Can I change the server in PUBG? Changing a server in PUBG Mobile is a … Read more

How can I fix my Xbox one disc drive?

How do I fix my XBOX One disc drive? preliminary fixes. Restart your console as the first quick fix – it usually helps in many cases. Change the power modes and power cycle of the console. Replace your console. Reset the Xbox One operating system. Check the game disc for damage. Try another game disc. … Read more

Are Pokemon World Championship cards worth anything?

Are Pokémon World Championship cards worth anything? 4 Worth a Lot: World Championship Trainer Cards Ever since Pokémon became a card game, players have been competing in world championships to test their ant. And if you have one of these in your collection, it shows how good you are. 1 training card from 1998 is … Read more

Are there any Pokemon cards that do 1000 damage?

Is there a Pokemon card that does 1000 damage? Out of all the Pokemon cards printed, Shadow Lugia is the only Pokemon with truly insane damage output. His only attack is Storm Shadow, which requires four psychic energy cards to use. What is the rarest Pokemon card? PRERELEASE RAICHU: A Pokémon card so rare it … Read more

Is the Korean version of PUBG banned in India?

Is PUBG Korean version banned in India? PUBG MOBILE has announced that its Korean version will be restricted soon. People living outside of Japan and Korea will soon lose access to the game. Indian players can access PUBG MOBILE KR until June 30. Is PUBG banned in South Korea? India is just one of many … Read more

Is PUBG free on Xbox?

Is PUBG FREE on XBOX? As of today, and this is true, you get Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for free on Xbox One. The game is being sold for a price of $30 and you can get it for free as of now. Any Xbox One owner can get the game and you don’t need to have … Read more