Can you play Minecraft PE with PS4?

Can Minecraft PE Play with PS4? Minecraft just released cross-play functionality on the PlayStation 4. That means blocky builders will now be able to join their friends on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and even mobile players in the same game. What is the difference between Minecraft and Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition? So how … Read more

How can I permanently delete my Ace2three account?

How do I permanently delete my ACE2THREE account? How to delete ACE2THEETE account PERMANENTLY Login to your email address registered with Ace2Three and click “Compose” or “Create” to write a new email. TITLE TITLE «Request for deletion of the ACE2TTHEE account Compose your email indicating that you want to delete or close your account. After … Read more

How many devices can I have on a Funimation account?

How many devices can you have on one funimation account? Simultaneous transmission on up to 5 screens is allowed. Is there a way to watch the fanimation together? You will be able to view on two screens simultaneously. A monthly subscription costs $5.99/month, or you can choose an annual subscription for $59.99/year. Before committing to … Read more

What is a master account for PS3?

What is a master account for PS3? Master Account: The standard account for using PlayStation®Network. A master account can be created by a registered user of a specific age or more. Master account holders can adjust settings such as monthly spending limits or restrictions on voice/video chat for associated subaccounts. Can I make a PS3 … Read more