Fix Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

audio renderer error

Audio Renderer Error is usually found in youtube videos. Well, you might have heard about the famous or well-known platform called Youtube. Right? This is the place where people create a number of channels on their accounts posting different content. Like might be web series, cooking videos, tutorials, crafts, and many more were updated by different people every day.

People billion in number access the videos posted on Youtube. These days in simple if you have seen there are various Youtube creators who try to learn what exactly the user is looking for and create the same sharing their skills or knowledge respectively. While you search for one particular concept, you are going to get the relevant videos to say relevant results displaying on the home page.

audio renderer error

Depending upon your need, a video that provides quality and needful information is chosen by the users. Thus while playing video, if you have seen an error like audio renderer error, do not get panic. Because every single issue has a perfect fix, this error can also be easily resolved just by attempting few methods. Anyhow they were shared as below. Without wasting time, let’s get into the details now.

How to Fix Audio Renderer Error Now using Simple Solutions

What is an audio renderer error Youtube? Well, this error encounters when you like to play the needful or random video in your system. If you see such a prompt on the screen displaying “Audio Renderer Error” Please Restart the system, it’s time to figure it out.

Anyhow as I said every single issue has a perfect fix, even this problem has certain solutions that help in fixing the bug successfully taking a very little amount of time. So, therefore let’s begin learning some needful solutions to fix it successfully.

Restart the System

The very first if you see youtube audio renderer error prompting on the screen, continuously, then it’s time to fix it. Very simple. Try to fix the bug by performing a system restart. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the start menu->Tap on the power icon.
  • Select the option Restart available in the form of lists.
  • Wait till the system restart completely.
  • Once done check whether the error prompted on the screen is disappeared or still is in existence.

If at all, the bug is cleared after performing the system restart, you can continue watching any number of needful videos played on youtube. Other than this, if you see the error audio renderer error, again and again, try the below solutions now itself.

Plug-Out and Plug-in the Audio Playback Devices

Well, at times, plug-out and plug-in simply called as replug-in the audio playback device work clearing out issue fastly and accurately. Hence once unplugging the audio device and thereby replugging it may help you not getting such an error. After attempting this method, make sure your videos play the content. If at all failed to play the content and displaying the same prompt again and again, try the below fixes.

Try to Run audio Troubleshooter

This is another possible fix say trying to run an audio troubleshooter. For this, you are allowed to follow certain steps which are however shared just below in simple understandable terms.

  • Go to the start menu-> Choose the option called settings available in the form of lists.
  • Now right in the settings window, you are requested to select the option called to update and security.
  • Just below the update and security, you will find the options like Windows update, delivery optimization, windows security, backup, troubleshoot, recovery, activation, find my device, and many more were located.

audio renderer error youtube

  • Switch to the troubleshoot option.
  • This is the place where you will find an option called playing audio jack. Tap on it.
  • Click on the option called Run the troubleshooter.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process successfully and fix the bug successfully.

If at all, the issue failed to fix, Perform the below fixes.

Restart Audio Device

Apart from the above fixes, performing an audio device restart helps in resolving the common issue called audio renderer error. Just simply make sure you follow the below instructions as it is and apply the same to resolve the issue successfully. Hence here we go.

  • Tap on the keyboard keys Win+R to open the run dialog box.
  • Type the command called devmgmt.msc over the empty field and finally tap ok.
  • Within a less amount of time, you see the device manager window displayed on the screen.
  • Right in the device manager window, however, you will find the options like sound, video, game controllers.

youtube audio renderer error

  • Perform a right-click on the audio adapter-> select the option “disable device” which is available in the form of lists.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Now again after several minutes, right-click on the audio adapter-> choose the option called “enable device” which is again located in the form of lists.
  • Finally, restart the system and check whether the error is fixed or not yet.

If at all the error is fixed, no problem. You can continue playing the needful Youtube videos and watch them all the time, it is like the geforce experience error code 0x0003. But if still the error is not fixed, try the below solution.

Uninstall Audio Driver

The one final solution is uninstalling the audio driver. Performing uninstallation will help Windows to reinstall it back again forcibly. Doing so in maximum cases, lots of bugs were fixed in a perfect way. Hence the simple thing you need to do is follow the below instructions and try to fix the issue now itself.

  • Tap Windows+R in order to open the run dialog box.
  • Mention the command devmgmt.msc over the empty field and click Ok to open the device manager.
  • Right in the left-side panel, you are going to find multiple options. Thus tap on sound, video, and game controllers.

audio renderer error please restart your computer

  • Now again double click on the audio adapter which is displaying say high definition audio device option on the screen.

about audio renderer error youtube

  • You see a pop-up appearing on the screen. Tap on the uninstall button.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions and end up the whole process.
  • Finally, restart the system so that you can easily fix the issue audio renderer error taking a very little amount of time.


These are the simple solutions that help you to fix the problem encountered on your system called audio renderer error. To learn more fixes, to get an update with new and useful content, visit TechyGun without making other thoughts.

Fix Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

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