Are Stardew Truffles Worth It?

Is it worth the truffles?

definitely worth it. I have a building full of pigs and I make between 25k-35k a day which makes it truffle oil. Truffle oil is sold for 1065g or 1491g with artisan (from the wiki). A quality iridium truffle (Botanist Perk guarantees it to be) is 1250g.

Is it better to sell truffles or truffle oil?

If you have the Level 10 Botanist FORKAGING PERK, all the truffles you pick up are Iridium quality. With Rancher and Botanist, one iridium truffle is 1500g. A truffle oil with artisanal perch is 1491 g. So yes with the right construction, an iridium truffle is more valuable than a truffle oil.

How much is truffle oil sold for?

Truffle oil is a good artisan made oil maker from a truffle. It takes 6 hours to produce.

truffle oil
Sale price: 1,065G
Crafting Profession: (+40% of sell price) 1,491G
craft products
Equipment: oil maker

How do I get Iridium truffles?

When your Level 5 Forging Hits, choose the recipe. When you reach level 10, choose Botanist. As foraging bonuses are applied to truffles, resulting in iridium truffles.

Can you use truffle oil?

In real life, you can take truffle oil before you sell it to increase the aroma/taste, and selling your truffle oil in-game the moment you get it just feels a bit counterintuitive.

How do you get a pig in Stardarew Valley?

Pigs are animals that can be herded in Stardarw Valley. They can be purchased from Marnie’s ranch for 16,000g and are unlocked with the Deluxe Barn, making them the most expensive animal in the game.

Does the auto-catcher collect truffles?

I don’t think so, it’s the same with chickens, rabbits and ducks. For the pigs, the best to let them out, look for all the truffles at the end of the day. TLDR – Auto-grabber only works for sheep, cows and goats only.

Does the Auto Garmber work on cows?

It’s called “Auto-Grabber”. This thing can milk cows and goats, mow your sheep, collect eggs, and pluck your woolly rabbits! all on account!

Are Stardew Truffles Worth It?

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