Are Pokemon World Championship cards worth anything?

Are Pokémon World Championship cards worth anything?

4 Worth a Lot: World Championship Trainer Cards Ever since Pokémon became a card game, players have been competing in world championships to test their ant. And if you have one of these in your collection, it shows how good you are. 1 training card from 1998 is listed on eBay for $70,000.

Are the World Championship Pokémon cards worth less?

Its value is less and can fluctuate greatly. These tend not to have a fixed value, outside of how much a person is asking for them. One person could be selling a gold-rimmed card for $14, another selling the same card for $5 or less.

How much is a Pikachu card worth?

PIKACHU – ANTICANDO 48/162 (Common)


Edition Price
eBay unlimited $0.50
eBay unlimited $0.99
eBay Unlimited $1.20
eBay $1.25

How much is Ash’s pikachu worth?

Do you want to become a professional price?

Market price
Normal $14.20

Is Charizard card worth money?

Highest selling price: $548. In the 2000 Pokémon 1st Edition team rocket set, we find the second card of the 1st edition Pokémon Charizard. When in Gem mint condition, the Holographic Dark Charizard is highly collectible and valuable.

What is the best Pokemon in the world?

  • 10 best modern RPGs.
  • Arceus: The first and the last.
  • DIALGA AND PALKIA: The first born.
  • Giratina: This is where the controversy really begins.
  • Mega Rayquaza: One of the coolest Pokémon.
  • Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon: Enter the Pokemon of God.
  • MEGA MEWTWO X and Y: A Pokémon created to be the best.
  • Which Pokemon card has the most HP?


    Are Pokemon World Championship cards worth anything?

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