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Purchasing the new Xbox console and taking it to the home is quite exciting. Right? Because the happiest part of it is we are going to get an opportunity to play any number of games. But unfortunately, people say they are facing trouble in completing the setup process.

Few complain as they are stuck in the middle of the setup process. Whereas few say as they see the screen displaying code and thereby suggest to visit official website Looking at these details is a bit confusing! Right? But do not worry. Because you are going to get the complete details related to the setup process, how website is going to help us and many more needful details here.


Before learning the same, what exactly is? It is considered the main website by which helps in completing the Xbox One Setup process using our Smartphone. Let’s begin studying the needful contents shared just below.

What is setup?

Xbox setup process is none other than just setting up the console Xbox One through the Smartphone. All this process includes the activation code. Thus this code is again to be entered into one specific portal. Anyhow the is actually considered as an official website that helps us in completing the whole setup process through the mobile successfully.

how to setup xbox console

One more point to be taken as a note is this is completely accessible mobile-only. This means the setup process cannot be accessible via PC. Anyhow the process involved in setting up the Xbox One via mobile is shared below. Not just on the mobile, even via tablet, we can complete the Xbox One setup process successfully.

What is the Purpose of accessing

Very simple. The helps to register the Xbox one account by accessing through the Xbox One app located in your Smartphone. The whole process is considered digital. In that case, everybody can enjoy playing their favorite games all the time. One more point to be known is this setup process helps to complete the update process manually.

No automatic updates were provided. As such it is completely mobile-extensive, this process cannot be done through either PC/ Mac/ any. If in case, if you would like to give a try to set up via system/ PC, thus next to this, it takes to their supporting website. This states that the whole process can be done either through the Smartphone/ Tablet.

Steps to Setup Xbox One App at

You might have searched for steps that help in completing the setup process successfully. Right? If in that case, below we had come with the detailed points that help you to set up Xbox One app successfully via Mobile. Let’s begin the process.

  • The very first, you are going to see the activation code displayed on the screen. Make sure you have taken note of the respective activation code somewhere handy.
  • Now take your mobile and make sure it is connected with a good signal strength Wifi or internet connection.
  • Open the browser which is available on your mobile.
  • Now you are requested to visit its official website through its in-built search bar.

how to setup xbox console

  • Within a while, you see the relevant home page. This is the place you need to click on the option called tap to continue setup in the Xbox app.

aka.msxboxsetup activation code

  • After performing a single it, it will automatically take you to the Google Playstore where we can see the Xbox app. Thereby click on the install button to get it into our mobile.

how to setup

  • Once done, the app is going to be opened automatically.

what is aka.msxboxsetup

  • Now click on the option called setup console which is displayed on the screen.

setup xbox one app

  • Next to this, you are asked to enter the activation code which we have seen previously on the screen. Tap on next.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions step by step.
  • Now get back to the system and you are asked to wait till the update process gets finished.
  • Finally, once the update is done, click on the yes to end up the setup process.
  • That’s it!!

This way you can easily complete the setup process without facing even a single difficulty.

How to Setup Xbox One App using QR Code (Alternative Method)

Other than the above method, there is another alternative method to complete the whole setup process. The process to set up an Xbox One app using QR code is however shared here. QR code? Where it is usually seen? Well, this is however can be identified on the screen. To process the setup successfully, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the camera app from your mobile.
  • Make sure your mobile is comprised of a highly-rated QR Scanner app.
  • If you do not have such an app, just simply visit the play store, search for the app, click on the install button to get it into our mobile.
  • Once the process is finished, launch the app.

setup xbox one app at aka.msxboxsetup

  • Otherwise, you can simply switch to the QR scanner available on your mobile and place it over the QR code displayed on the screen to get the activation code.
  • Enter the same code on the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process very well.
  • Now get back to the system and you are asked to wait till the update process gets finished.
  • Finally, once the update is done, click on the yes to end up the setup process.
  • That’s it!!

These are the two methods by which we can easily set up the Xbox One console via Xbox one app successfully without facing even single trouble.

http // Activation Code is Not working! How to Fix It Now?

At times, we see the activation code generated will not work properly. That means whenever you use the Xbox One app, you are asked to cross-check multiple things multiple times. Like verifying whether the Xbox One Console and the mobile are connected to the same network or not. To identify this, just simply navigate towards network settings in both Xbox Console and also in mobile. xbox setup

Check whether the two devices are connected to the same network or not. Even though it is connected with the same network, facing trouble in generating 100% working activation code, you are requested to generate a new activation code. But how it is going to be possible? Very simple. Uninstall the Xbox One app from your smartphone and re-install the application again over the device. This way you can easily fix the problem.


The is the official website that greatly helps us to set up the Xbox One app for our smartphones. Thus it also makes sure to perform manual updates. The complete process is digital. Hence there is no point as we fail to complete the setup process. Make sure you have gone through the above details before beginning the setup process. To learn many more interesting facts, visit techygun and get updates.

How to SetUp Now on Phone

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