Aka.ms/remoteconnect – Minecraft Remoteconnect Access


Did you ever come across the aka.ms/remoteconnect? It is one of the best features that help us to link up to other devices through the Microsoft account. In simple terms, the aka.ms/remoteconnect is the website by which it allows the players to crossplay multiple games on other devices. Like PlatStatio4, PlayStation5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and many more.

Especially to get access to Minecraft, linking up one of the other devices through a Microsoft account is essential. Before getting into the complete details, let us take a look at the simple description related to the game Minecraft. This is one of the famous, largest games chosen by lots of people irrespective of age factor. If you have been seen even today there are millions of monthly active players with around 200 million sales.


Overall this is the best-selling game or best video game that focuses completely on making some exciting fun. While the interface may not look so interesting or excited. But once when a person starts playing the game will never step back or never like come to get out of it. Because unknowingly he/ she who played the game will definitely become a fan of it.

What is aka.ms/remoteconnect?

Minecraft is acquired by Microsoft in the year 2014. Hence people can play Minecraft on various devices like Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and much more. But if you are looking forward to enhancing the full gaming experience, thus remote connect feature comes into the existence. Thus, the name of it is aka.ms/remoteconnect.

microsoft code

This is the website where you are asked to mention the code to link the game with the device via Microsoft account for accessing all the available features. One more point to be noted is you may not use this feature if you looking forward to playing Minecraft over either the PlayStation or over Nintendo Switch. The aka.ms/remoteconnect is accessible when you attempt in using the one and only cross-play feature that thereby allows the others to play online successfully.

How to SetUp Remote Connect on Xbox One

If you are using the device Xbox One, you are no more will be suggested to go with the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect activation process. As you are already a member of a Microsoft account, the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect need not be used. Anyhow to set up, follow the below instructions now.

  • Open the Microsoft store available at your console.
  • By taking the help of a search bar, locate the Minecraft game.
  • Once the game is located in the store, download the game over the respective console say Xbox One.
  • Wait for a while till the installation setup is done. Thereby launch the app.
  • Sign in by using your Microsoft account.
  • As a result, the login is going to be successful.

Thus, next to this, you are all set to play the game.

How to Setup Remote Connect on PS4 or Nintendo Switch

This is the process to be followed when you like to set up RemoteConnect on either PS4 or over the Nintendo Switch.

  • The very first download is the Minecraft game over the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.
  • Wait till the game gets successfully download into your console.
  • Once done, launch the game.
  • Tap on sign in to get connected with your Microsoft account.

sign in using microsoft account

  • Next to this, you are going to see the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect code displayed on the screen.
  • Note down the code somewhere handy.

microsoft access code

microsoft code

  • Enter the code which you have taken as a note of it.
  • Tap on Next to end up the entire setup process.
  • Within a while, Minecraft is enabled on your device successfully.

How to Enable Cross-Play on Xbox

If you like to play Minecraft with your friends or other online users, follow the below simple steps.

  • Take out the Xbox Controller.
  • Tap on the Xbox button.
  • Go to the account-> choose account privacy-> online safety and then you are asked to select Xbox to live privacy.
  • Choose custom-> Tap view details-> Finally click on customize.
  • Next to this, you are requested to go to the communication and Multiplayer section.

xbox cross play

  • Choose everybody to communicate outside the Xbox live.
  • Exit the settings bar.
  • Now open the Minecraft game on your console or device.
  • Move to the option called Find Cross-Platform Friends. This is the place where you can search for your friends.
  • Search for the friends Gamertag and then start playing with them by accessing the feature called cross-play.

How to Enable Cross-Play on PS4 or Nintendo Switch

While when you like to access the console either PS4 or Nintendo Switch to play Minecraft games with friends or online users, request or suggest using the connect feature. Thus enabling this feature greatly helps in playing multiple games very well. Overall simply one can make sure that multiplayer mode is enabled. Hence to enable success, follow the below points.

  • Open the Minecraft either on the console PS4 or Nintendo Switch.
  • Try to get sign in using your Microsoft account.
  • Now try to enable the Minecraft game using the feature aka.ms/remoteconnect code.
  • Open Minecraft at your console.
  • Go to the option called to create a new world.
  • That’s all!! This is the place where you can identify your friends by making access with the Gamertag and suggested to play accordingly.

What is the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Error? How to Fix?

Usually, whenever a person tries to get sign in with the Minecraft game using their Microsoft account, unknowingly you see certain problems or say bugs. Because as your switching from one device to another, these errors come into the existence.

aka ms remote connect error

Like at times, might cause aka.ms/remoteconnect or sometimes there is a great chance of noticing an error called Failed to log in. If in that case you are asked to sign back again manually so that 100% helps in getting rid of all these types of errors successfully.

Steps to Delete the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Data?

As the users switch from one device to another, they start facing certain bugs like Failed to log in. One of the biggest reasons behind facing this problem is the massive collection of saved game files or game data. Hence to clear this or to delete saved data/ saved game files/ corrupted data, follow the below steps.

  • Launch Minecraft on the console Xbox.
  • Move to the settings menu.
  • Choose the option called system settings available in terms of menu.

xbox settings

  • Move to another option called storage. Launch the game storage.
  • Right there if you have been taken a look, will identify the saved game files.

delete minecraft game files

  • Select all the stored game files and finally tap on the delete icon.
  • Once done, get back to the Minecraft sign-in page and give it a try.
  • Furthermore, you won’t ever see such errors encountered again and again.


These are the entire contents related to https //aka.ms/remoteconnect. Hence whenever you like to go with Minecraft cross-play platform, visit this page, and link up your device with Microsoft account to begin the game-play. Apart from this, for the furthermore details, visit techygun website.

Aka.ms/remoteconnect – Minecraft Remoteconnect Access

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