Are PSN accounts deleted?

Are PSN accounts deleted? If your account is inactive for too long, they will delete you. Does SONY delete inactive PSN accounts? We may close your account if it has not been used for at least 24 months. In both cases, we will not provide a refund of your unused wallet funds and unexpired periods … Read more

How can I cancel my Telkom account online?

How can I cancel my Telkom account online? Once you have logged in to your Telkom profile, select Manage Accounts and click on the relevant account, then select Cancel. Fill in the required fields. You can select multiple services at once. How can I cancel my monthly Telkom subscription? Once you have logged in to … Read more

Can I merge 2 WoW accounts?

Can I merge 2 WOW accounts? Each Blizzard account supports up to eight World of Warcraft accounts. Each World of Warcraft account contains its own characters and requires a separate paid subscription. Aside from the character transfer service, which can move characters between accounts, there is no way to merge the progress of multiple accounts. … Read more

Can you share a Kik account?

Can you share a KIK account? According to the KIK website, a security feature of KIK, you can only sign in to one KIK account on your smartphone at any one time. When you try to sign in to your account on another device, your app will be signed out on the first device you … Read more

Can I sell my WoW account?

Can I sell my WOW account? The best place to sell your World of Warcraft Online account is the unique One-Stop Destinations account store. You buy the account directly from the owner and they give buyers a lifetime guarantee. They accept PayPal and all other credit cards for payments as well and offer payment plans … Read more